Facebook Courtesy Policy
Hello all, In order to keep a courteous and respectful environment on Facebook, we ask that you acknowledge and abide by the following rules: We welcome all postings and photos associated with the Communauto Ontario service. That being said, even if positive, these may be removed from our Facebook page for privacy reasons. For example, all comments referring to your name and member number, or an employee’s name, must be removed to ensure the security of all. Suggestions help us understand and address member needs. We are open to criticism as well, but we are obliged to delete any messages that are neither constructive nor pertinent. Messages of an abusive nature, which contain defamatory, racist or sexist content, will not be tolerated. Any postings promoting an event, organisation, or any other entity which has not been previously authorised by Communauto Ontario or is not associated with Communauto Ontario and its members will be deleted. If we find necessary to delete your Facebook posting, we will explain our reasoning to you in the form of a private message. For any specific problem concerning our service, please contact our customer service agents; it will be their pleasure to assist you. Unfortunately, if your request is communicated through Facebook, we will not be able to provide you with the personalised service that our customer service agents are able to deliver. If you have any feedback concerning our Facebook policy, please contact us at staff@vrtucar.com. We thank you for your understanding. Communauto Ontario