Workplace Solutions

With Communauto, you always have a variety of vehicle types available (model choice differs slightly city to city) and you can right-size your existing business fleet. You can add an unlimited number of drivers, and a minimum of three employee-drivers is required. Your business or institution will:
  • Save money on business transportation.
  • Be able to promote more sustainable commuting options to employees such as transit or cycling, since they will maintain access to vehicles for work trips.
  • Enjoy increased accountability.
  • Be able to hire the best person for the job regardless of whether they have a car.

The costs

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A $50 (plus HST)/employee driver, non- refundable registration fee is required.

Trip rates
  • $2.95 per hour or $20.65 per 24 hours
  • $0.29 per kilometer for the first 50 kilometers
  • $0.15 per kilometer for additional kilometers

Work Rate (Monday – Friday only)
  • $26 flat rate for reservations of 10 consecutive hours maximum
  • 40 kilometers included
  • $0.15 per kilometer for additional kilometers

Every month, your business will receive single invoice for all employee-drivers detailing vehicle use costs. Gas, insurance, and maintenance are included in your plan.



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Vehicle Access

Choose between a growing fleet of hybrids, sedans, and larger-capacity vehicles such as SUVs and cargo vans.


No need to calculate the price of fuel when planning that road trip. With VRTUCAR, gas is included.


Accidents happen. That’s why every VRTUCAR driver gets full collision and comprehensive coverage. Learn more.


VRTUCAR’s Fleet Team cleans the cars regularly – inside and out.

Customer service

Call our 24-hour hotline right away if you encounter trouble on the road, and we’ll figure out how to get you on your way.


Membership with VRTUCAR offers more than access to vehicles – it includes great perks to save members money and increase quality of life.


Signing up your business is fast and easy

Simply to fill out the form and we will get back to you within 2 or 3 business days.

*A minimum of 3 Employee-Drivers is required

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